Home to the majestic “Sierra Nevada del Cocuy”, the Arauca region is a sanctuary of flora and fauna characterised by its great plains. In the west, the magnificent Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes rise abruptly from the wide open grasslands, giving birth to the region’s diverse ecosystem. Here, the alluvial plains and fertile foothills of the Andes merge into mountainous landscapes crossed by the Arauca, Meta and Casanare rivers. To the beat of “joropo” music, in the land of cowboys and verdant savannahs, we carefully source the best cocoa beans for this chocolate bar.

Flavour profile: sweet candy profile with milk caramel and hazelnut notes; sweet and delicate ending flavor combined with notes of milk, cream and nuts.

Acidity: low

Body: creamy

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

BB: 2021-03-11 with lot number