Mike & Becky’s tonic bar. Thanks to a special fermentation the nice citric notes in these organic trinitario beans are even more intense.

On the ecological packaging a jaguar is pictured. San Jose is a modern-day Mayan village with many families being dependent on farming organic cacao. In the Mayan culture the jaguar, Belize’s big cat, is respectfully called ‘baalum’ meaning ‘the king’. This majestic animal is found across the country in the lowland forests and along the coast. Belize hosts the world’s first jaguar preserve, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and has one of the healthiest populations in Central America.

Cacao producer: San Jose Village, Toledo District, Belize

Cacao type: Trinitario

Harvest: 2019

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic beet sugar, organic cacao butter

BB: 2021-11 with lot number