Noble beer chocolate! Dark milk chocolate with stout beer.

Domantas Uzpalis, chocolatier at Naive, had made a promise to himself to stop with new recipe R+D because he thought he already developed everything he wished for. But this recipe of Imperial Stout patiently waited for its moment. It was calibrating, brewing and quietly finishing in the oak barrels sitting there in the dark for two long years. He was refusing to touch it as deep in his heart he knew that he would break his promise. But yet! Domantas presents to you the alpha and omega of beer chocolate. This hedonistic Imperial Stout chocolate recipe is the zenith of his career as a chocolatier. Cheers!”

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, organic grass-fed milk powder, Imperial stout beer (malt, hops, barley)

BB: 2021-09-17