The main mission for the Peruvian founders of Maraná, Zulema and Giuseppe is to introduce the world to some of Peru’s best cocoa beans. The 100% bar is made with cocoa beans from the Cusco region. In addition, they aim to improve the position of the cooperatives and the farmers and thereby increase the quality of the beans they produce.

With their distinctive packaging, Maraná has endeavored to represent the cultural identity and heritage of their country. The packaging for Maraná’s Cusco collection is inspired by Sarhua’s painted shelves. This was a form of folk art from the Peruvian Andes that the families used to pass on stories about their ancestors to their descendants.

Taste notes: rich notes of sweet raisins and molasses with a subtle bourbon-like finish. This bar has a smooth, rather silky texture that perfectly matches its rich, bold overtones.

Ingredients: organic cacao mass

BB: 2024-11-21