It all starts with a passion: the passion for fine cocoa. Through ZoTo’s scientific approach on spontaneous post-harvest processing at the origin, they extract the full flavor potential of carefully selected cocoa beans. Open the package you hold in your hand and experience the result of their effort: a chocolate bar with a unique intense and complex flavor profile. Have a bite, let it melt slowly in your mouth! Let ZoTo take you along to this adventurous journey of flavor experiences. Small batch – single origin, post-harvest controlled chocolate.

Fermentation: cascade-type box (650 kg), 6 days, 3 turns

Pre-drying: 48 h, 10 cm, solar tunnel

Drying: 7 days, solar tunnel, wood

Taste notes: honey, yellow fruit, molasses, licorice, date

Origin: El Castillero, El Castillo, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, Trinitario Blend

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter

BB: 2018-12