“KAKAW” from the inventors of chocolate.

The deep green ranges of Selva Zoque in Southern Mexico can be considered the birthplace of chocolate. For over 4000 years people here have cultivated cacao. In fact, the ancient Zoque and their forefathers – the Olmecs – were minds as brilliant as the Greeks of Europe. They were stargazers and kept an advanced calendar, they invented the sauna and a ball game – and then they invented a powerful sacred drink from a forest fruit they called “kakaw”. That was the birth of chocolate.

Much as today’s spirited Zoque and Tzotzil farmers feel supported by Original Beans, we feel honoured to help them revive the world’s original cacao tradition and the sustainable guardianship of the Selva Zoque rainforests.

Know your bean.
What we call Tabasqueño is the wild hybrid of an ancient criollo cacao from the time of the ancient Olmecs and Mayas and an amelonado cacao brought to the coast of Tabasco by a French family in the early 1900’s.

Flavour profile: lychee and coconut.

Ingredients: cacao mass, raw cane sugar, cacao butter

BB: 2022-01-31 with lot number