Mike & Beckey’s Peruvian bar is made from some rare wild criollo cacao beans found in the region of the Rio Marañón. An intense chocolate with a floral aroma and notes of yellow fruit.

On the ecological packaging a Rhino Pleco is pictured. The mainstream source of the Amazon is known for an extraordinary diversity of its fish population. One of them is the Rhino Pleco, a peculiar looking catfish with two tiny horns and alligator-like ridges along the sides of their body. They have picked it for its color ranging from dark to light brown – that is why it is also called ‘Chocolate Pleco’.

Cacao producer: Marañón Cacao, Cajamarca Region, Peru

Cacao type: Criollo – Pure Nacional

Harvest: 2018

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic beet sugar, organic cacao butter

BB: 2020-12 with lot number