Pure Nacional cocoa with its complex fruity and floral flavor once dominated the market for premium cocoa worldwide. After a major epidemic in the early 20th century it was assumed that this variety was extinct. 95% of the trees in Ecuador were destroyed by the disease. This rare cocoa was several years ago again discovered by Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley in a secluded canyon of the Rio Marañón in Peru. The high canyon walls provide a unique microclimate where cacao trees thrive on one of the highest altitudes ever seen for cacao trees (1,000 to 1,200 meters).

The composition of their cocoa consists of 40% white beans (Porcelana) and 60% purple beans – a rare phenomenon in the cocoa world. After their discovery Dan and Brian improved the quality with custom production processes and founded Marañon Chocolates to offer their exclusive cocoa to chocolate producers and chefs.
The fermentation is done in a central place in wooden boxes. Then the beans are spread on drying tables and are sorted by hand, only the good beans are finally dried. Then the beans go through a special process to reduce the large amounts of acetic acid so that the delicate fruit, floral notes and aromas are preserved.

On the ecological packaging a Rhino Pleco is pictured. The mainstream source of the Amazon is known for an extraordinary diversity of its fish population. One of them is the Rhino Pleco, a peculiar looking catfish with two tiny horns and alligator-like ridges along the sides of their body. Mike & Becky have picked it for its color ranging from dark to light brown – that is why it is also called ‘Chocolate Pleco’.

Cacao producer: Marañón Cacao, Cajamarca Region, Peru

Cacao type: Criollo – Pure Nacional

Harvest: 2018

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic beet sugar, organic cacao butter

BB: 2021-03 with lot number