Mike & Becky’s mysterious bar with loads of fruity and spicy notes, thanks to fantastic beans from an inter-crop plantation.

On the ecological packaging an Indian elephant is pictured. The beans of this chocolate originate from the Kerala region in India known for its large population of Indian elephants. These beautiful animals are an integral part of the Indian culture – in Kerala, local festivals and processions feature at least one decorated elephant. Sadly, the population of elephants has declined sharply in recent years.

Cacao producer: High Range Organic Producers Society – HOPS – Adimali, Idukki, Kerala – India

Cacao type: Forastero / Trinitario, Mankuva variety intercropped with fruits and spices

Post-Harvest Center: Go Ground, Bharath Gas Udumbanoor, Kerala

Harvest: 2018

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic beet sugar, organic cacao butter

BB: 2020-05 with lot number