Using the finest cacao, and a modern take on traditional European technique, Dick Taylor Chocolate is able to fully realize the potential of the beans they source. All of their chocolate is carefully crafted from the bean in their small factory in Northern California.

“The Alta Verapáz region of Guatemala has a rich cacao history. In November 2015 we were able to visit the estate of Carlos and Silvia Torrebiarte. At that time they were just starting to export their cacao and we became the first makers ever to produce chocolate from their cacao. For us, it represents the opportunity to establish long term relationships with the cacao growers we work with. We are excited not only about the chocolate we are able to make from their beans but also the vast potential they have as their trees mature and their skill at fermentation and drying also improves.”
– Adam Dick, owner/head chocolate maker

  • International Chocolate Awards Americas 2016 Bronze
  • Great Taste 2016 2-stars

Origin: Maya Mountain Cacao

Tasting notes (aroma/flavor/finish): plumeria / blackberry, peach, cobbler / espresso

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar

BB: 2019-03-05