In April 2016 Alastair and Friederike, the founders of Chocolate Tree, made a return trip to the Marañón Canyon in Northern Peru where Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley established ‘Marañón Chocolate’. This time they took along their 7 year old daughter Roslyn, it was her first trip to South America.

They all had an amazing experience that brought them closer to the families there and gave them a better understanding of the awesome post harvest work that Brian has been doing. Marañón Chocolate have made a fantastic social impact in the region and at the same time preserved the once endangered genetic of native cacao; known as ‘Pure Nacional’. This cacao has an excellent wood & citrus note, they have used it very successfully to create their Whisky Nibs bar. The region had developed since they last visited, and it was a pleasure to see how things are changing and new opportunities are opening for communities in this part of Peru. They are proud to have such a connection with them and look forward to the next harvest!

Rare cacao nibs from the Marañón canyon in Peru soaked in a premium single malt from Islay, a Scottish Hebridean island producing whisky famous for its strong peaty notes. Once the whisky has evaporated from the nibs they are blended with chocolate made from the same origin.

You can read more about Chocolate Tree via the following link:

  • International Chocolate Awards – British Silver 2016
  • Scotland Excellence Awards, Product of the Year – Winner 2017

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, cacao nibs (10%), whiskey (6%)

BB: 2022-06-08