To Chocolate Naive, the Equator collection concept is to use ingredients that come from a single ecosystem. Because an ecosystem’s minerals, water, soil give life to its plants, the elements that thrive together inherently taste good together.

Every chocolate bar from this collection is solely composed of ingredients grown the area on region of the earth surrounding the equator with bright and intense flavors symbiotically blended into the house made tropical chocolate.

‘Inhale so you can sense the aromas of exotic flowers and plants. Taste. Let the flavors of the jungle help you to understand.’

This series consists of 6 bars: Spices, Incan Berry, Super Dark, Tahini, Peanut Butter and Orange Liquorice.

The story of the Peanut Butter bar goes as follows. This peanut butter chocolate is made by the devil himself. The chocolate is mixed with the devil’s horn and is so tempting that the recipe was included in the list of the biggest sins in the world. For almost four days, the peanut butter is churned and whipped by virgins and on the fifth day Lucifer joins the chocolate making process. The divine tears of  virgin girls are mixed together with the flames of inferno and from this act of deflowering the peanut butter chocolate bar is born. So damn good… . Domantas Uzpalis, chocolatier at Chocolate Naive.     

Ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic sugar, organic cacao, grass-fed milk powder, organic peanuts, sea salt.

BB: 2022-08 -04