Spices are extremely prevalent in the Dominican republic and play a major role in the definition of signature Dominican cuisine. Specifically, the spices in our ‘Dominican Spiced’ Criollo bar, have a long history of uses in Taino, African and Spanish fare. Infused with Allspice, clavo (cloves), Nuez Moscada (nutmeg) and canela (cinamon) this bar defines Dominican flavors with elegance. Hand crafted from 72% single origin organic Dominican Cacao, this bar is produced from some of the oldest and finest Criollo cacao strains on their farm. Small batch roasted, this bar contains rich toasty wood notes with an earthiness which showcases the beautiful terroir of their chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa*, raw cane sugar*, cloves, cassia, nutmeg, cardamom

*Certified organic ingredient

BB: 2019-12-02