Åkesson's 75% Madagascar black pepper

Åkesson’s Madagascar Bejofo Estate 75% Black pepper


Located in the Sambirano Valley, near Ambanja, in the North-West of Madagascar, Bertil Åkesson’s estate spreads over about 2000 ha. Since 1920, world-famous aromatic cocoa and spices are produced there and today most of the top chefs and chocolate makers around the world use cocoa from this estate. In fact, our specially selected pepper vines grow on the shade trees protecting the cocoa trees from the sun. We united these two exquisite products to make this fine spicy chocolate. In this subtle combination, the fruity-sweet tartness of the cocoa and its pleasant flavor that evoke red berries collide with warm notes of pine kernel and fresh hints of green fruits that are so characteristic of Madagascar black pepper.

Ingredients: organic cocoa, organic cane sugar, pure organic  cocoa butter, organic black pepper, emulsifier (GMO-free soya lecithin)

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