Nano_lot chocolate from Naive.

During the seven years of chocolate production, Chocolate Naive has formed beautiful and far-reaching relationships with cacao growers and cooperatives from all around the globe. In their experience, the best cacaos come from very small farms and are prepared by applying tailored post-harvesting methods or are of isolated genetics. They always wanted to hunt down, [...]

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Mike&Becky, innovative chocolate makers!

The range of Mike&Becky has been supplemented with 3 new variations: Cool Beans - San Jose - Low Fermentation 70% (Belize) Dark Canyon - Marañòn 85% (Peru) Zero Sugar - Mutwanga - Dark Milk 70% (Congo) You read that right! For chocolate lovers who find 100% too intense, there is now a milk chocolate without sugar! Discover [...]

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Kitchenroots Chocolate spreads

“My name is Charles Wailly, and I’m a dreamer… I believe food is not just what you eat, food is about sharing, about loving, it’s about you and me, it defines us. Food is what moves me, and I’d be just glad to share all this hapiness with you.” - Owner Kitchenroots Hazelnut paste, Almond-cashewpaste [...]

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